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Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
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Click for some clips from classic old movies. I hope you enjoy them!

My Favorite Quotes...

-Gen. Anthony Clement McAuliffe, Bastogne 1944

"When you're going through hell, keep going."
-Winston Churchill

"How can I possibly be overdrawn when I have all these checks left?!"
-Dennis Bade

"Who among us can honestly say that, at one time or another, we have not set fire to some great public building? ...I know I have."
-Monty Python

"Don't forget the cannoli."
-Bad Guy's Wife

"Mustard!? Don't let's be silly!"
-Mad Hatter

"Oh, Ebby, It's going to be so glorious!"
-Ebeneezer Scrooge's Little Sister

"... her glances, her smiles, her toilette, an inexhaustable amoury of offensive weapons, ... showered on ... young men with overwhelming fore; and from her well-stored arsenal issued glances, kindly recognitions, and a thousand other little charming attentions which were intended to strike at long range the gentlemen who formed the escort, the townspeople, the officers of the different cities she passed through, pages, populace, and servants; it was wholesale slaughter, a general rout."
"Aussi ses regards, ses sourires, ses toilettes, projectiles inépuisables, pleuvaient-ils sur les trois jeunes gens, les criblaient-ils, et de cet arsenal sans fond sortaient encore des oeillades, des baisemains et mille autres délices qui allaient férir à distance les gentilshommes de lescorte, les bourgeois, les officiers des villes que l'on traversait, les pages, le peuple, les laquais: c'était un ravage général, une dévastation universelle."
-Description of a beautiful woman,
Henrietta, duchesse d'Orléans,
by Alexandre Dumas from
"le Vicomte de Bragelonne",

I made my first silly little movie in 1970, and then I went on to spend most of my life in Hollywood producing and directing, and like many of you, a little bit of everything else.

I've also worked as an actor, editor, and writer.

I was the first Film Archivist at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and I established the Academy's initial archive and holdings list. I worked on the Oscar show many times editing the film clips.

For several years I served on the Filmex staff back in the good (Really!) old early days of the event. Starting as a volunteer, I acquired a permenant staff position, finally becoming Exposition Manager in 1975.

It's been my honor to meet and work with some of the most famous and accomplished filmmakers in the world.

During my career I met Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Jean Renoir, Francois Truffaut, John Wayne, and other notable folks including Chuck Yeager and Neil Armstrong. John Cassavettes, Orson Welles, and Roddy McDowell were among my friends.

I left Los Angeles in May, 2009 and I am now living in Carolina and Paris in the summer. I made many new friends in the french picture business in Paris as an actor in a feature film, and directing a dramatic short. I am currently developing three stories for feature films, I am a digital cinema production consultant, and I am messing around in several picture-business-related internet projects.


I competed my degree in Cinema and Computer Science summa cum laude at Ohio University,

I've been webmaster for the Carolwood Pacific Historical Society, Toonfest, and the Thank You Walt Disney organization in Kansas City.

I met Walt Disney in 1966.

I am a Disney historian specializing in Walt Disney's backyard train setup, the Carolwood Pacific Railroad.

Rodney at Walt Disney World

Here I am standing next to a display of
Walt Disney's backyard locomotive, "LillyBelle"
at Walt Disney World.

It is a Hartland Scale Model
I installed myself
in the Carolwood Room at
Fort Wilderness Lodge Resort

I have my own website development company through which I donate web resources to Couchsurfing, the Carolwood Pacific Historical Society and assorted philanthropic interests. I provide fully-featured no-advertising websites to my friends for
1 Euro/USD/month.
Want one? Just ask.

The best cook on the planet, I profoundly enjoy cooking and practice organic gardening for producing my own delicious ingredients. I work as a Private Chef.

I love Paris, bien sur, mais aussi Provence, Tuscany, Greece, summertime, the outdoors, olive oil, herbs, garlic, everything made with tomatoes, making my own wine, making love, and running around naked.


Did you ever see a documentary or historical movie that included a now famous shot of Cedric Gibbons' hand drawing the Oscar statuette on a napkin? The hand of Cedric is me! The shot is from a documentary produced by the Academy in 1977. The DP was Chuy Elizondo.
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